“There are tremors around us”


“I weep with joy beneath the moon.”

On moonlit night I wander free,
My mind to roam on thoughts of thee.
With midnight darkness beckoning
My heart toward mystic fantasy:

Come, dream in me!

How beautiful, this night in June!
And here, upon the velvet dune,
I weep with joy beneath the moon.

The path lies dark before my sight,
And yet my feet with pure delight
Trod onward through the darkened vale,
Beneath the starry sky so bright.

O share thy light!

These woods, their weary wanderer soon
In awe and fearful wonder swoon;
I weep with joy beneath the moon.

And as the darkened hours flee,
My heart beats ever rapidly.
Though heavy hangs my eyes with sleep,
My singing soul, it cries to thee:

Come sing with me!

The twinkling sky casts forth its tune:
O must I leave thy charms so soon?
I weep with joy beneath the moon.

– Ballade To The Moon, Daniel Elder

Word of the Day: Locution


a word or phrase, especially with regard to style or idiom.
a person’s style of speech.

an utterance regarded in terms of its intrinsic meaning or reference, as distinct from its function or purpose in context.

3.language regarded in terms of locutionary rather than illocutionary or perlocutionary acts.

– Google Dictionary

Magic Realism

“Magical realism, magic realism, or marvelous realism is a genre of narrative fiction and, more broadly, art (literature, painting, film, theatre, etc.) that, while encompassing a range of subtly different concepts, expresses a primarily realistic view of the real world while also adding or revealing magical elements. It is sometimes called fabulism, in reference to the conventions of fables, myths, and allegory. “Magical realism”, perhaps the most common term, often refers to fiction and literature in particular, with magic or the supernatural presented in an otherwise real-world or mundane setting.”

Wikipedia: Magic realism

The Origins of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Magic Realism

All-Night Vigil

Всенощное бдѣніе
Rejoice, O Virgin
No. 6
From All-Night Vigil Op. 37
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Premiered March 23, 1915 in Moscow
Numbers 1-6 contain settings from the Russian Orthodox Vespers service

Church Slavonic text:
Богородице Дево, радуйся,
Благодатная Марие, Господь с Тобою;
Благословена Ты в женах
и благословен плод чрева Твоего,
яко Спаса родила еси душ наших.

Rejoice, O Virgin Theotokos,
Mary full of grace, the Lord is with Thee.
Blessed art Thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb,
for Thou hast borne the Savior of our souls.

Artful Animals

This whimsical little matching game is quite lovely, I found it in a little gift shop in Dee Why, Australia, and gifted it to the granddaughter of a now good friend who let me stay with her a few days. She even made me ketchup toast with cheese, a traditional New Zealand snack that I grew up with and hadn’t been offered since I was a child.

This matching game is illustrated by David Sheskin, an artist of whom I was unaware until I came upon this. It comes in a nice little box to keep them in. Each card talks about the animal it represents, and becomes a learning game. Recommended product.

David Sheskin’s Artful Animals Memory Game

David Sheskin Art


Nuzzle Night

Laying sleepy snooze in bed
A cuddle creeping by my head
A warmy formy next to me
Wrapping nuzzle shall he be

A tickle on the little toes
A butterfly kiss under my nose
A warm arm wrapped around my thigh
A big chest deeply heaves a sigh

A lick of luck upon my neck
A knee curled tight around my leg
A light squeeze filling me with heat
A soft snug where two bodies meet

– Menagerie